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5 reasons

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

5 particular reasons to read an Inspector Stark crime novel by Keith Wright:

1) The books have won multiple international awards and been positively reviewed in The Times etc.

2) They are written by a former CID detective who spent 25 years investigating serious crime.

3) They are set in the 1980's so you can wallow in PC free dialogue in a world without mobile phones and the internet. The police have to do the unthinkable - they talk to people! They also have an enduring sense of humour that is often left out of bleak dramas today.

4) They pull no punches. There are no half measures, the author does not try to protect anyone. You're in it, my friend so brace yourself.

5) All human life is here and the books go under the surface into the grey areas that make us stop and think occasionally. They deal with issues that affect all of us, any of this could easily happen to us tomorrow.

Bonus reason:

Bloggers reviews on 'Death By Decree:'

'Keith writes in such an incredible way that his characters truly stand out and you’re left gasping for more.'

'Had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole experience.'

'A gritty, gripping read. Great Characters.'

'The dialogue is sharp and the story is well paced but full of twists and turns – highly recommended – Five stars.'

All can be read as stand alone. Available on #kindle #amazonbooks and FREE on #kindleunlimited

Click below to read more:

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