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FREE AUDIOBOOK - 'Audible' launch crime thriller 'One Oblique One' by Keith Wright

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

To celebrate today's launch on Audible and iTunes, 'Audible' has sanctioned a give-away of the audiobook using promotional codes.

I am giving away 15 audiobooks. How to get one?

Simply direct message me with the surname of the Detective Inspector who is the main protagonist in the series of books, along with your country i.e. UK or USA.

The first 15 people across social media to do this will receive the relevant link and a promotional code to obtain their first Audiobook in their DM.

See below for more details of this crime thriller.

Keith Wright is delighted to announce that his crime thriller 'One Oblique One' is being launched as an audio book available on 'Audible' and 'iTunes' today Monday 24th February 2020.

The audiobook is narrated by the author.(Sample below).

The book was shortlisted for the Crime Writers Association best debut crime novel.

It is the summer of 1987.

It is three years away from the world-wide web being inaugurated. It is ten years before the first accessible mobile phone, and a whole twenty-one years before the first iPhone is launched. ‘It’s A Sin’ by the Pet Shop Boys is number one in the charts, available on cassette and vinyl. The sun is rising on political correctness yet news of this has yet to reach Nottingham CID. Racist words are still used without challenge. AIDs is rife. Hugging is for hippies and the author of this book has recently been appointed a Detective in the CID. Of course, some things are the same as today; people still get bludgeoned to death in their own homes. Same as it ever was. You just can’t tweet about it yet.

Detective Inspector Stark and his team of detectives investigate the brutal murder of the Marriott family discovered in their own homes. The murderer? It could be Charles Lyon, wealthy, but pathetic sugar daddy, or Winston Kelly, notorious Rastafarian drug-dealer with psychotic tendencies, or Stan Tindle, the burglar who is seen in the location at the time of the offence, or. . .? Stark, struggling to keep a lid on his secret anxiety, and his team, strive to get to the truth, which remains just outside of their grasp, until they obtain a clue from an unlikely source, but by then it is too late. . .

The author, a former real-life Detective re-visits his critically acclaimed, gritty debut, with new scenes and new characters which is a real ‘page- turner’ for fans of crime novels and thrillers or those merely intrigued enough to explore the depths to which humanity can sink.

‘The writing is very reminiscent of Raymond Chandler. Wright pulls no punches. If you love a good mystery, Noir, or a gritty detective novel, then you, like me, should love this.’

Review ‘The Book Dragon’ (Awarded 5 stars)

‘This author’s descriptions of some scenes are very real. You see them, feel them. There is a part in our brain that is always on the look-out to protect us. Keith Wright shreds it apart and forces you to be a witness to real police work no matter how earth shattering it is. Because that was his job, his world. Highly recommended reading!’

Review Alice De Sturler.

‘A most promising debut’

Review Marcel Berlins The Times

‘A very well crafted plot’

Review Jay Iliff Sunday Express

Check out this small sample from the Audiobook:

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