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Time for a Make-Over and...BREAKING NEWS!

Those lovely and wise people who buy my crime thrillers will have noticed that my latest Inspector Stark book:

'Death By Decree'

had a slightly different look to it than the others.

This was a conscious decision in consultation with my son, Harry, who designed the layout. Anyway, feedback has been great and so we have decided to bring the previous books in the Inspector Stark series up to date and matching each other.

Over the next couple of days you will notice the covers change to similar themed but slightly different images and book layout. I think it makes the books crisper and something for readers to be proud of and cherish. And, as I have mentioned, affords some uniformity to the series now and going forward.

Naturally the content of the books remain unchanged.

Enough of my chat. Time for the big reveal. What do the new covers look like?

I hope you like them.


My seventh Inspector Stark thriller is imminent. In the coming days there will be a Title and Cover reveal so stay tuned!

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