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Killing Mum and Other Crime Short Stories

The successor to ‘Killing Dad and other crime short stories.’ Twelve crime short stories each  with a sting in the tail. 

Killing Mum

A daughter discovers a family secret which has powerful consequences.


Forget Me Not

A husband’s dream to emigrate is slipping through his hands, as is his wife.

Who Is Mr Whitaker?

A loving father attends his son’s wedding, but he is inexplicably ostracised, and tragedy lurks.

Journey’s End

An elderly lady takes her regular route to the park, but she is being watched.

The Snug

A cop retires and attends a surprise party held in his honour. Will he ever leave alive?

One Last Chance

A corrupt police officer is given one last chance to reform his ways.

A Mother’s Love

A woman observes the deadly tribulations of her son, unable to help.

I Witnessed My Murder

A woman raped and murdered is brought back from the dead.

Death For Hire

A young man arranges for an assassin to kill him.


The Second Coming

A seemingly innocuous burglary has consequences for humanity.

The Right Thing

A detective’s conscience tells him to do the right thing, but he will rue the day he did.

A Christmas For Carol

What the Dickens? The run-up to Christmas for a burglar holds a mirror up to his life. His decision to change his life is for the best. Isn’t it?


Multiple award-winning author Keith Wright is best known for his ‘Inspector Stark’ crime thriller series.

Keith has previously been co-opted into contributing short stories for the Crime Writers Association Anthology, City of Crime Anthology and others, including The Mystery Tribune in New York.

His stories have appeared alongside such luminaries as Sir Ian Rankin, Alan Sillitoe and Peter Robinson.

Now his second short story anthology is about to blow your socks off!

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