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A glimpse back in time

I have moved house recently and discovered all sorts of things lurking in the loft. One of the most pleasing was the very first manuscript of 'One Oblique One', then entitled 'The Stark Reality Of Murder'. This is the manuscript I have mentioned in interviews which was written in pen!

Handwritten manuscript of One Oblique One then called 'The Stark reality Of Murder'

Once I decided that actually there was potential with my writing I got to the stage where I needed to get it typed up and edited into a format that I could send agents and/or publishers and not look like an idiot writing an entire book with a biro. I hired an electronic typewriter for a month I think it was and typed up the original manuscript. I gave it the less glamorous title of 'The Marriott Murders - a detective's casebook.' This too was in the loft, to my delight!Incredibly much of this manuscript made it to the final edit of the original book which was about a year later and was called 'One Oblique One' which is the police radio code word for sudden death.

Now the typed version was called 'The Marriott Murders - a detective's casebook. A year later it would become 'One Oblique One'

The first page of the first typed manuscript of 'One Oblique One.'

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