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Black Days Dawn

When a book is finished you have certain things you must do. Mainly you have to try to raise awareness of the book. It can be the most wonderful novel ever written but if nobody knows about it, it just collects dust on a shelf.

During this period I tend to appease my creative impulses by writing short stories and collecting thoughts out of the ether for the next crime thriller.

I have written 3 short stories in the last month or two - 'The Snug', 'Killing Mum', and 'A Mother's Love.' These may end up in an anthology next year. I may even post one to the site to be going on with.

You will see from the title of this blog that I have my idea for book 6. I am a little odd in that I need to have a working title before I can commit to it. 'Black Days Dawn' @copyrightKeithWright2020, is the one I have settled on.

What is it about? Let's just say that the underlying theme is around how we take for granted the status quo, and fool ourselves that things will always be like this. That is until the giant finger emerges from the skies and picks you out of the crowd and says 'it's your turn.'

The overarching theme is a moral dilemma and the consequences of 'doing the right thing' which will shift the dimensions of the lives of many people.

I know I'm being a bit of a tease, but will unfold as it emerges on the page. I have some plotting to do.

Have a great day. Stay tuned and stay safe.

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