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BLOG - Audiobook - starting a new crime novel (sneak preview) and radio gig.

Work is progressing well on the audiobook for coronavirus 2020 Vision - The road to Freedom Day Part 1.

It is interesting to see that when I post news about the book I get half positive responses and half preaching their spiel about vaccines or that COVID is a myth etc. The only binding factor is that most if any will have even looked inside the cover never mind read it.

As always the truth lies somewhere in the middle with some of the shenanigans of government revealed in the books as well as the seemingly obvious view that when making life and death decisions one should refer to medical experts rather than the comments section on various social media.

My attention has returned to the crime world and I have begun to fiddle around with an idea for book 6 in the Inspector Stark series.

I am always cavalier on the opening page of my crime books. Why? It is like I am challenging the reader. Come on then -have a read. This is not what you expected is it now?

I like to take risks and have a free flowing style before getting into the meat of the story. It is also just the way my mind works. Zoom in and check it out. (If it is not visible check out the post on Twitter @KeithWWright.

Anyway I am working through the plotting stage and having got a structure now working through the scenes thinking about enhancement.

I like to have a working title and I also like to have a written out first page. Strange isn't it? The current working title is 'The Inevitable Death of Daisy Day.' Always subject to change, of course.

For those of a mind, who see this in time, note that I am on BBC Radio Nottingham today at around 2.40 pm to discuss the coronavirus diary launch.

Have a great day, everyone.

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