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Exclusive: Audio-book Launch of One Oblique One

Merry Christmas to all.

I can announce that within the next few days the Audible version of One Oblique One will be available on 'Audible' and 'iTunes'. It is just passing through the great AI Judging Panel In The Sky, who must give their assent to us mere mortals. Hopefully there won't be too many techy trickies.

I can't wait to get it out there, because I know those who drive a lot at work, tend to use audio books to pass the hours on the motorway. Trust me, I've been there; done that!

This is an audio sample to give a flavour of the narrating style, the author and the hard-boiled nature of this piece of crime-fiction. The sensitive are advised to steer clear of the book as it is a true reflection of police work and those they deal with, as well as some very gritty parts of life and human interaction.

Producing and narrating an audio-book is a very long, but enjoyable process, and I was ably assisted by my son Harry, who is experienced as a computer programme and did the production to Amazon standards but he is also an actor and was able to help with the younger characters in the story and give the book a bit of diversity.

I really am thrilled and proud of the end result. There will be a longer sample on the Audible and iTunes sites if you need to test the waters even more before your purchase! There are other snippets on my youtube channel, just me being me!

As always, I hope you will enjoy the sample. Remember SOUND ON!

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