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Father's Day - remembering the decent single Dad's

As it is Father's Day here in the UK I thought I would share this piece of work as some single Dad's may be able to relate. It probably works in reverse for some single Mother's? Single Dad's can get a bad rap sometimes, but maybe it can offer a bit of hope, dependent on where you are in the poem. Grab a cuppa; because it goes on a bit!

Single Dad

Smiling face

Saviour of the human race

Brave or madness? A thousand cuts

When into the seat he puts

A crying child to drive away

Tomorrow will be groundhog day

Single Dad

Beyond despair

Daughters tears are matting hair

Clinging mother won't let go

Off out clubbing later though

Jagged rocks break river's flow

Single Dad

Shifting sands

Begrudging glances, pulled away hands

He's fine, look, with his toothy grin.

Wizard of Oz's man of tin

But scratch at metal - heart's within

Single Dad

'Mum said so!'

Children much too young to know

Exploited by love's misplaced grief

Moral compass? Hull scrapes reef!

There's nothing worse than a childhood thief

Single Dad

Out of sorts

Steering starboard, listing port

How can they know the real him?

When cast adrift, his beacon's dim

Prospects seem to be quite slim

Single Dad

Waving or drowning?

Mouth that smiles while soul is frowning

Blindly thrashing against the tide

Hate filled rumours now contrived

But Lions fight to keep their pride

Single Dad

Wouldn't it be better

To walk away and sign the letter?

Cut them off with tunnel end lit

Easy life just choose to quit

He wouldn't even think of it

Single Dad

Must keep going

Try not to show the pain that's growing

Don't give up now, don't you dare

Deep inside they really care

If nothing else; keep being there

Single Dad

Fly away kite

35 years of savings light

Costly battles, a legal wrangle

Stripped of cash as creditors strangle

The treasure won was worth the candle

Single Dad

Much maligned

Now that direct debit's signed

Hurtful tactics, gossip and smears

Spat through teeth and squeezed out tears

How could she after all these years?

Single Dad

Child's school play

But he has to work away

To pay her cheque and buy their stuff

'No choice' decisions can still be tough

'Mum says you'd come if you cared enough!'

Single dad

Days without

Teapot's full but got no spout

So this is it - the waiting phase

Restless nights spent counting days

Vibrant colours turn to greys

Single Dad

What do you think?

That in his armour is no chink?

There's devastation. Hollowed gut

He's a circus clown with size twelve foot

Santa Claus but covered in soot

Single Dad

New skills learned

Baking cakes - ouch! Fingers burned.

Party dresses. Trying to put her hair in tresses

Twenty tries and twenty guesses

Sweat on forehead, he confesses

Single Dad

Clouds subside

Jump on back for Daddy's ride

Daughter smiles and ice caps melt

Tickles and toys and fuzzy felt

Joy in heart as new cards dealt

Single Dad

Happy times

Fun-filled days and church bell chimes

Singing songs and kisses all day

Cuddles and snuggles and 'can we play?'

'Let me think...of course we may.'

Single Dad

Worth the flack?

Looks in mirror - son looks back

He grows older, strong and loyal

Cos Oak Trees grow from fertile soil

Pot on low light comes to boil

Single Dad

Push comes to shove

No more ravens - Noah's Dove

My children - they're the very best

(Head held high and sticking out chest)

Be sad to see them flee the nest

Single Dad

Wrinkled face

Old age always wins the race

In the end - a happy throng

'I hope he knew we meant no wrong.'

Don't worry he knew all along

@Copyright Keith Wright 2017

Happy Father's Day to all. Single Dad's - keep going. They need you.

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