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It is finally here. I was somewhat rudely interrupted by taking the rash decision to write a nonfiction diary on the coronavirus. I mean, it's not going to last more than 6 months, surely?'

Anyway, I am still writing PART 4 and approaching 800,000 words on the subject.

Enough of all that. I have BIG news, which I am excited about; the sixth Inspector Stark novel is out this week. (Think Friday). It is a barnstormer! I am thrilled with it.

Single mum Jane Cooper is forced into an altercation with a woman in a supermarket. It seems quite innocuous, but escalates, and despite Jane’s best efforts to calm the situation, the aggressor is knocked to the floor.

The problem is the woman happens to be one Sharon Brown, the wife of one of the most feared gangster duos in England; Dougie Brown and his maniacal brother Len ‘the bitch’ Brown.

Sharon Brown is more seriously hurt than first thought, and the Brown brothers feel that their name and reputation has been weakened because of the humiliating episode. So, Jane Cooper must be found, and an example made of her. Everyone connected to her is now in grave danger.

Those in Jane’s circle begin to pay the price of her upsetting Sharon and Dougie Brown. Jane is the ultimate target, but she must suffer first.

Detective Inspector David Stark and his team battle psychotic criminals and sinister forces within their ranks to protect Jane and bring the criminals to justice. It is not easy, and when Jane suddenly disappears, the clock is ticking.

It was emotionally draining and exciting to write and I suspect it will be the same to read; at least that is the feedback I am getting from Beta readers.

Some exclusive teasers:

DI Stark clashes with his nemesis, the odious DI Mole once more, but this time Mole has surely gone too far?

DS Nobby Clarke comes into his own; as Stark fans know, there is nothing he likes better than locking horns with the baddest of the bad guys and they do not know what to make of this tough, ex paratrroper, now Stark's Detective Sergeant. He knows no fear and that is what they thrive on. It's all they've got.

DC Ashley Stevens struggles yet again to keep it in his trousers as he is tempted by a lady informant which puts him (and her) into a fast spin!

DC Steph Dawson is green with envy as Nobby meets an 'old friend.'

DC Charlie Carter still pretends his piles is knee trouble!

Remember these books are for adults who have seen a bit of life. They are gritty and not for the faint hearted.

Treat yourself at the weekend and grab a copy.

Don't worry book 7 won't be as long coming down the tube.

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