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PART 2 of the Coronavirus diaries now on AUDIBLE

Great news. Part 2 of 'Coronavirus 2020 Vision - The Road To freedom Day - the complete diary and events of the COVID-19 pandemic' is now available on AUDIBLE, AMAZON AUDIO BOOKS, AND ITUNES.

Part 2 covers 4th October 2020 to 2nd February 2021. It includes so many unseen elements of the pandemic and includes the mysterious UK/Kent (Alpha) mutation and how this began in a prison, the Christmas debacle, the second lockdown and the race to develop a vaccine.

Listen to a sample or order your copy here:

Similarly you can listen to a sample or order of PART 1 here:

Coronavirus 2020 Vision - The Road To Freedom Day is a day-by-day factual account of events throughout the coronavirus pandemic, written as it happened, and gives incredible insight into what life was like during this tragic and historic pandemic in the UK and worldwide.

It includes facts and figures, government initiatives, news, events, moving individual accounts and the horrific consequences we all lived through each day.
Every significant event is covered and some bizarre ones that you may be unaware of. There is also a daily, personal slant on what life was like for the author and his family during what threatened to be an apocalyptic event.
It reveals all humanity in its idiocy, compassion and brilliance as well as the twists and turns humour and downright obtuse!
The coronavirus will define the generation and we have lived through it. Be able to show your children and grandchildren what happened here. Remind yourselves over the years exactly what went down.

Contact me via DM or my webpage to receive your free electronic key code to review.
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