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QUIET! I'm listening to my book.

I have finally managed to publish my re-mastered copy of One Oblique One. It feels good. It is now available on Amazon and Kindle and Kindle unlimited.

It was an interesting process. The Kindle version is really simple. The finding of something called an IBAN number for payment, was a journey of discovery, but other than that it is a breeze.

The paperback version takes a bit more doing but still, the process is reasonably straightforward and congrats to Amazon for having a superb process, which opens the door for all writers to get involved. That is just tremendous.

When I was published traditionally, the process was long and protracted. It takes a year to write and edit, and almost a year for them to publish. I love the control this process gives you, as it extends to arranging your own advertising and promotion; which is also an enjoyable part of the process. No-one should be afraid of taking the plunge.

I really enjoyed designing the cover. I designed my covers for the original publisher, and an artist did the rest for them. I guess I’m a control freak. It is remarkable how Amazon have transformed the publishing process and it really feeds into our creativity.

I am in the process of arranging for it to be made into an audiobook. This again is a little fiddly but seems intriguing; once you get to the nub of the process. Essentially, you put a test script on the site and then put the details of the project out there for producers and actors to contact you, if interested. It costs a little money, but people need to be paid for doing an honest day’s job, don’t they? It is not thousands, but you would need a couple of hundred pounds, still, for me, it seems well worth it.

Next up is my second Trace and Eliminate. It will take a few more weeks but I am already well into it.

Happy reading / writing, folks.

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