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Sneak preview of blurb for 'Addressed To Kill'

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

This is the part of a book that many writers dread. What to put in, what to leave out. Spoiler alerts are tricky, but you need the reader to get what is going to happen, without giving too much away. The whole point of the blurb to tempt the reader to buy it.

I have not set a date for the book launch yet, but the latest it will be out, will be 1st November 2019 and I hope it will be earlier. I am close to completing the editing and fine-tuning.

This story is set during the Christmas season so it would make a great Christmas present for loved ones, over 18 years old. Perhaps buy the three book series?

Launch time often means special offers so keep an eye out. Make a note for the 1st November in your phone calendars to check Amazon and Kindle for 'Addressed To Kill by Keith Wright.'

It is my considered opinion that you, or your friends and family, will love it. Solve several Christmas gift headaches and get your orders in and relax.

Check out the blurb below and decide for yourself.

Addressed To Kill


Keith Wright

Christmas can be murder!

It is 1987. A perverted criminal sociopath is on the loose. An innocent young woman is murdered in horrific circumstances.

DI Stark announces that, ‘Christmas is cancelled,’ and his team investigate; aware that every second the maniac is on the loose, moves him closer to his next victim.

A second woman is raped and brutalised.

How is the killer discovering intimate secrets about his victims? Why does he insist on teasing and terrifying them, during the lead up to the attacks? What is driving this depravity? Who will the next victim be?

In his attempts to protect the public, DI Stark makes a huge error of judgement, which will have appalling consequences.

Critically acclaimed author, Keith Wright is a former CID Detective. His professional knowledge of police investigations, coupled with a formidable talent for storytelling, combine to make his third novel a must for all crime fiction enthusiasts and thriller readers alike.


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