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Special offer and radio gig

To celebrate the new ebook cover I have a special offer which runs for 24 hours so you have to be quick to take advantage of it.

From 8am this coming Sunday 22nd August until 8 am Monday 23rd August you can grab a Kindle ebook copy of PART 1 for just 99p!

Order on your own Kindle or.....

I hope you like the new cover design. Here are all three in the series:

PART 1 covers the lead into the virus and the first wave taking us in and through the (first) lockdown.

16th March 2020 to 3rd October 2020.

PART 2 Covers the second wave by the mysterious UK/Kent variant, the Christmas debacle, second lockdown and the race to develop a vaccine.

4th October 2020 to 2nd February 2021.

PART 3 covers the third wave, the Delta (Indian) variant and the roll-out of the vaccines taking us through the many hoops to get to so called ‘Freedom Day.’

3rd February 2021 to 19th July 2021.

I am appearing on the Andy Whittaker Show on BBC Radio Nottingham around 2.30 pm on Monday 23rd August if you fancy a listen.

Have a great day.

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