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'Tell me about the Inspector Stark series of books.'

The Inspector Stark series of books have the same colourful team of detectives led by the popular but slightly tortured Detective Inspector Stark. He is holding down a secret. He suffers from social anxiety, and in a self-perpetuating cycle, he is anxious about his anxiety - worried that his work colleagues will discover it!

Author Keith Wright

The series is written by former CID Detective Sergeant Keith Wright and has been fortunate enough to receive critical acclaim in The Times and other major newspapers.

Keith’s first book was shortlisted for the Crime Writer’s Association as the best debut novel when it was released.

The Stark series, all ‘stand-alone’ stories, feature the same detective characters, and we can take a peek at them here:

Detective Sergeant John 'Nobby' Clarke.

Ex paratrooper, and a hard case, Detective Sergeant John ‘Nobby Clarke’ who is in (and out) of a relationship with DC Stephanie Dawson. Trusted most by DI Stark.

‘Nobby would run through a brick wall for you, Mr Stark.’

‘I know he would, but sometimes, I wish he would just walk around it.’

Detective Constable Charlie Carter.

Experienced detective ‘Uncle’ Charlie Carter is helping the new young detective, who is a mixed-race female cop.

He grunts, ‘Ouch ya, bugger’ when he stands up or sits down, blaming an old knee injury. Really it is his piles playing him up. He is known and respected by many top-class criminals as he has worked in the City for nearly thirty years and arrested them when they were growing up. And often tried to help them.

Detective Constable Stephanie Dawson.

DC Stephanie Dawson, a well respected, tough, and attractive female in her early forties. Worldly wise and handles the male members expertly. In both senses of the phrase. In and out of a relationship with her Det Sgt - Nobby Clarke. She is as good as the other detectives and better than most.

Detective Constable Ashley Stevens.

DC Ashley Stevens has a private income from his father and likes the ladies. He wears expensive suits, drives an expensive car and always causes a stir at Ritzy’s nightclub with the CID groupies who loiter near the detectives when they are out on the town. He is a bit of a poseur, but actually a likeable one.

Detective Constable Jim McIntyre.

DC Jim McIntyre is a dour Scot and all-around miserable old bastard and racist who cannot be trusted.

Detective Constable Steve Aston.

Inexperienced DC Steve Aston is a vegetarian and somewhat naïve; he struggles to adapt to the boisterous life of a detective. He wonders if it is the role for him. He is shy and not quite in sync with the banter and way of life, certainly among the more seasoned detectives.

Acting Detective Constable Cynthia Walker.

ADC Cynthia Walker is a mixed-race trainee detective who wants people to see her talents, not her colour. She is showing signs of being a first-class detective.

There are five books in the Inspector Stark series so far:

One Oblique One – A family are inexplicably murdered in their own home. 19-year-old daughter, Faye, is not as innocent as first thought.

*Shortlisted for the global prize as best debut crime novel by the CWA.

Trace and Eliminate – A group of former college friends begin to get bumped off. Six are left; One is the killer. One the next to die.

Addressed To Kill – ‘Christmas is cancelled.’ DI Stark and the team are called to the scene of a murder of a young woman. As the attacks continue, the killer is spiralling into mania but remains one step ahead. In a tense and shocking denouement, the killer comes too close to home for DI Stark.

Fair Means Or Foul – A young girl is discovered dead at Nottingham’s annual Goose Fair. She comes from a complex background, but when another child is taken, Stark and the team will use whatever means to find her alive. Fair means or foul.

*Distinguished favorite in The New York City Big Book Awards.

Murder Me Tomorrow – when Paul Masters is arrested for the grotesque murders of his wife and daughter, it seems a closed case. Stark is not happy with how it has been investigated, and when further deaths occur, the team realises a serial killer is on the loose. The killer’s peculiar M.O. stems back to his sordid upbringing. He selects his victims from mourners at funerals. Then DC Stephanie Dawson’s father dies.

For sample chapters, blogs, short stories, videos, biographies, and much more visit the author’s website at

You can follow Keith on Instagram at keithwright278 and on Twitter @KeithWWright

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