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'This author can really write...'

Authors need reviews to inform potential readers and the ones I have been receiving for 'Killing Dad and other crime short stories' have humbled me and blown me away at the same time.

I can only hope you do these reviewers the service of reading their thoughts and maybe it will prompt you to give the book a try?

The links to the full reviews are below with a small excerpt to whet your appetite.

'What I liked:

* Loved, actually, the surprise endings that came with a twist

* The power packed in few words

* Being made to see, feel, and care about the characters

* The rawness of life some of the characters faced'

'I hope that this book gets the reaction it deserves! I hope that you will give this one a chance as it is a gem!'

'All brilliant to read and each one left me completely satisfied after reading. Mastering an entertaining and effective short story is no easy feat but Keith Wright gets it perfectly right with these tales.'

'I feel that this author can really write and could have pushed some to full length novels. I am hoping to see more from this author.'

If you would like to purchase 'Killing Dad...' by Keith Wright, please click here:

'A confident master of the form.'

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