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Title and cover reveal for Book 7 of the Inspector Stark series

It gives me great pleasure to reveal the title of my 7th Inspector Stark novel and the cover. I am thrilled with it and hope you are too.

So what's it about? here's the blurb:

He’s affable. Rather shy, quite a gentleman, and he loves his mother.
But don’t smile. Don’t attract his attention. For Christ’s sake don’t agree to meet. He’s hunting. It will be a date with death.
He’s a stalker, an obsessive, and depraved. Worse he doesn’t know it. You see it’s all your fault. You made him do this. You turned him into The Creep Outside.
Another suspense-filled case for Detective Inspector David Stark that will reveal murder and end with a tragedy shocking Stark and Nottingham CID to its core.
‘The Creep Outside’ is the seventh Inspector Stark crime thriller. All can be read independently.

I know you will love this latest edition to the series all you have to do is download an ebook or order a paperback. If you subscribe to Kindleunlimited you can read it for FREE.

Whichever way you read, I hope you enjoy it. Please leave star ratings and/or reviews. It helps authors.
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