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Today's wake up call -BBC Radio Kent

I got a telephone call at 6.50am today from an unknown caller. No sane person calls you at that hour, do they? So I let it go to answer-phone. If it's urgent, they will leave a message, right? They did. It was BBC Radio Kent asking if I could appear on the show in half an hour's time, at 7.25am, to discuss whether teenagers are reading the appropriate content, or are they dumbing down. Apparently JK Rowling has dropped out of the top ten books being read, prompting the debate.

Naturally I said yes. Just time to grab a coffee and assemble my thoughts, once I found them swilling around my head. Another gentleman Chris McGovern, an education expert, was offering a view also. Chris does great work running the charity Campaign for Real Education.

Chris came at it from the perspective of education and I gave my humble thoughts from a writer and parent.

Anyway, if you happen to be interested in the chat, the link is below:

If you just want to listen to the reading debate, just slide along to 1.27.

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