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It gives me great pleasure to reveal the trailer for the latest in the Inspector Stark crime thriller series - 'Three Little Angels.'

It has just been released. You can watch it at the foot of this article.

'Three Little Angels' is set around bonfire night in the 1980s when bonfire night was a thing. Pre Halloween hysteria.

It was a time of 'penny-for-the-guy,' bonfires in gardens and wasteland, fireworks bought by kids at the corner shop, sparklers, bonfire toffee and curious rhymes such as:

'Remember, remember the 5th November, gunpowder treason and plot.'

There were others too, which varied dependent on the area you lived. One such rhyme gave me the title of this book:

'Bonfire night, the stars are bright, three little angels dressed in white. One with a biscuit, one with a drum and one with a firework stuck up his bum!'

This was one of Benny's favourites. So who is Benny?

Years before the bonfire night of 1987, young Benny Smith witnessed a horrific accident on an icy lake, resulting in the tragic death of his little friend. The trauma unbalanced poor Benny and he spent almost a decade in a mental health institution.

But the world is changing and there have been mutterings about a 'care in the community' approach being taken and he is released.

He is not ready, and the terror induced by the incident years ago, still indelibly imprinted on his mind, returns and he seeks solace in the company of children of an age that he was at the time of the accident.

This becomes quite sinister and DI Stark and the team begin investigations into untimely deaths of children in Nottingham.

The story has been quite prophetic as similar tragedies have arisen around the time of publication of this book such as the icy lake tragedy in the north of England and one of the officers is accused of rape and of course we now have the grotesque behaviours of the POS in the Met being a serial rapist.

An interesting aside from the story itself is the way that such incidents were dealt with back in the 1980s and the culture existing at the time which I suspect many of us have chosen to forget.

Anyway, here is the trailer for 'Three Little Angels' - I hope you enjoy it and maybe even buy the book on Kindle or Amazon paperback. If you already subscribe to Kindle Unlimited it is available for free.

I have posted a link to read more about the book and purchase if you wish to after the trailer.

Learn more about 'Three Little Angels' or make a purchase:

More from the Inspector Stark series:

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