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Warning: Do not approach this man (Graphic Images)

The 1980's were a dangerous time. Most people became victims - fashion victims. Below we see the author of 'One Oblique One' and 'Trace and Eliminate', set in the 1980's, parading around as if he is a fully paid up member of Club Tropicana. This is a location where we know the drinks are free and there is fun and sunshine in enough quantity for everyone.

But is he a victim? Or is he part of the problem?

The 1980's was a time when people smoked inside! It was a time when there was no internet or mobile phones, or social networking. People spoke to each other, and if a few minutes of down time emerged instead of grasping for their mobile phones, they engaged in the popular pastime of 'thinking'.

Thankfully this has all come to an end. There are rumours of some secret clubs emerging where those over 45 met to engage in conversation, drinking and dancing, but these underground hell-holes have yet to be discovered.

We can see in the picture below that this person is obviously aware that CCTV cameras were yet to be in wider use. Who else would dress like that, unless they had enough self awareness to check out nearby establishments for CCTV surveillance cameras? This shows a criminal mind-set. If you see this person please do not approach.

Thanks go to the person who took this photograph whilst hiding behind a fake jujuba plant and who suffered eye damage which took several weeks to be restored.

Warning! Do not approach this man.

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