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What's going on? And other surprises.

I should start with the sad news of the passing of our Queen Elizabeth II. It has affected so many and we are glued to television screens and learning so much about our pageantry and traditions in these ancient islands.

It is interesting how different the former Prince Charles now our 'Liege Lord' King Charles III appears since taking on the mantle from the second our Queen passed away.

His whole persona and even appearance seems somehow different. I know others have commented on this too.

'The Passing of The Orb' (see at end of this blog) was inspired by this.

Out of respect I stopped 'advertising' my books for 48 hours in line with social media companies. I enjoy compiling my social media output, one of my favourites recently was for 'The Creep Outside' and shows the morphing of images into the book cover.

You can see it here:

Coincidentally I had a pre-arranged virtual book review tour arranged starting yesterday 12th September 2022 and so as with any 'business' this will go ahead to help support the launch of the 7th Inspector Stark crime thriller 'The Creep Outside.'

You can find reviews on #Lovebookstours or @keithwwright as they come in each day. It is quite daunting as naturally you can never be sure of how a book is received until reviews come in.

Progress on book 8 continues. I have completed the first draft of the first draft of the skeleton of the first draft! Having done that, I allow it to bake for a few days and I then return to it with fresh eyes. Which will be today.

In between times, aside from following the sad passing of our Queen, I have written some poetry.

In fact, I have published a book on my thoughts and poems called

'Days That F*ck Up Your Life'

It is a personal reflection on events in my life, some of which are a little self-indulgent and others quite serious.

Whilst I am a professional and experienced writer, I make no claim to be a poet. I wrote some of the poems over the years at times of distress and others more recently. Having tested them out among poetry lovers I got a good reception so maybe they aren't too bad. It is FREE on Kindle Unlimited,

I am more of the mould of John Cooper Clarke but in some poetry, I hark back to a former age. In any case it has awakened my love for writing poems. They come easily to me, and I like them, at least. Maybe get the book and let me know? It would make for a great Secret Santa!

You can buy it here, or at least learn more about it and/or read a sample:

As well as that I continue to work through the audio book for Coronavirus 2020 Vision - Part 3. It is quite enjoyable to do but time-consuming. Plus, all the conditions need to be right when working from home in my improvised studio. Once the four volumes are done, which I think is important from a historical standpoint, I will go about recording some more Inspector Stark audiobooks. There are only so many hours in the day!

So that is where we are at. Whether I will finish book 8 by Christmas remains to be seen but if not, it will be a launch in the new year, I suspect.

I am excited about the plot line, and you aren't because you don't know what it is, but I do!

I mentioned the poem I wrote inspired by the Queen's Death:

The Passing Of The Orb - A Requiem

Mother sleeps and hushed tones kiss

A noble face now flushed with bliss

A hand held softly, skin and bone

These fingers once clenched arms of throne

For Queen now passes safe to thee

A final warrant, the Lord's decree

A rising grief meets numbness falling

Fear finds doubt about my calling

A crown and sceptre pass to son

God's will achieved, the hard work done

A handing on, a change of guard

My soul lifts up, my senses jarred

But light appears around the room

An orb of sorts, averse to tomb

The orb is seen by none but me

Yet spirit flows to set me free

An easing glow sweeps through my heart

As now our dearest's soul departs

Renewed, released, and reverent calm

A soothing oil, a spiritual balm

The orb now dwells within my breast

as angels sing thee to thy rest

The Queen is dead, long live the King

The orb now changes everything.

While you are on my blog page, why not have a look around on the Keithwrightauthor website?

Have a great day.


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