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It has been a busy time, professionally and personally. Since the new year the main theme has been the blog tour of 'Addressed To Kill' which has been an amazing success, beyond my wildest dreams. The reviews were astonishing and just spurs you on to write more and more. Here are some of the highlights from the tour :

· ‘So chilling…I had to stop reading at times to catch my breath.’ The BookWormery.

· ‘I absolutely loved this book. The authenticity shines through in his writing.’ Divine Write.

· ‘This is one of the best crime stories I have read in a long time. It was stark, gritty, deep, disturbing and un-put-downable.’ Cathy’s World.

· ‘I was on the edge of my seat throughout the book –It was really thrilling and had me turning pages.’ eBooknerdreviews.

· ‘I thoroughly, totally and utterly loved ‘Addressed To Kill’. There were times when I almost had to read through my fingers because I feared what was going to happen next.’ Ginger Book Geek

· ‘The ending especially had me frantically turning the pages. A dark, disturbing yet engrossing read.By The Letter Book Reviews.


Whilst all this has been going on I have been making good progress on the fourth book 'Fair Means or Foul'. It is going to have several new sub-plots and strands which I think elevate the story. It takes a bit of doing. writing is a bit like the Butterfly syndrome, where, if you alter one little thing it can have a strand all the way through the book and impact later on. It's a challenge but a pleasant one. It will be much more punchier than the original. I anticipate that the book will be ready for release in the Springtime.


Apologies for those who saw me anticipate the release of 'One Oblique One' on Audible and iTunes for January 2020. I have decided to make this slightly later. We want the book to be the best, a terrific experience for the listener and I am not putting it out until every possible nuance and technical element is just how I want it.

I loved doing it and collaborating with my son Harry, on the project. I'm not going to offer a date for release but it should be pretty soon. It is a very complicated process. I feel that my readers are going to absolutely love it. As the writer, when you narrate as well, there is no risk of misinterpretation, or emphasis loss. You know the story, you know the characters and so the Audible book is not diluted, but enhanced. News coming soon.

I hope you are all having a tremendous new year so far.

Speak soon,


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