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Who is DI Stark?

I have been asked many times by fellow detectives whether they are one of the characters in my books. The answer is always no, because they are composite characters, some have flavours of people I have known, others are total creations. I always felt my characters were representative of many CID offices across the country at the time.

So who is DI Stark and his team?

Detective Inspector David Stark -

A handsome Detective Inspector, who struggles to deal with growing social anxiety and gets the collywobbles when addressing large crowds. It is worsening and he doesn't know what it is, nor how to deal with it. He is hiding it the best he can. Regardless he is tough and uncompromising which is a contrast to his family life as he tries to placate his long-suffering wife, Carol. Stark is often undermined by his nemesis DI Lee Mole, who is an objectionable excuse of a detective and cannot be trusted.

Detective Sergeant 'Nobby' Clarke -

Ex Army Paratrooper, and hard case, who is in a tempestuous relationship with DC Stephanie Dawson another member of the team. He is not the brightest star in the sky but is fiercely loyal, and vulnerable underneath his tough exterior.

‘Nobby would run through a brick wall for you, Mr Stark.’

‘I know he would, but sometimes, I wish he would just walk around it.’

DC Charlie Carter -

Experienced detective ‘Uncle’ Charlie Carter is helping the new young detective, who is a mixed-race female cop. He is well revered in the community and seems to know everyone. He grunts ‘Ouch ya, bugger' when he stands up or sits down, blaming an old knee injury. Really it is his piles playing him up.

DC Stephanie Dawson -

A well respected tough, and attractive female in her early forties. She is a formidable character. Worldly wise and handles the male members expertly, in more ways than one. Having succumbed to DS Nobby Clarke they are in a roller coaster of a relationship that is initially secret but is now revealed.

DC Ashley Stevens -

Ashley is in his late twenties and has a private income from his father, dresses in expensive suits, is called a poseur and likes the ladies. He is growing in stature in the office and is a party animal.

DC Jim McIntyre -

Is a dour Scot and all-round miserable old bastard and racist who cannot be trusted to complete tasks or run off at the mouth.

DC Steve Aston -

An inexperienced young detective. The timid Steve Aston is a vegetarian and struggling to adapt to the boisterous life of a detective. He struggles to fit in to this macho world, but is a likeable young man and is showing signs of shedding some of his armour.

DC Cynthia Walker -

Is a young mixed-race trainee detective who wants people to see her for her talents not her colour. She is elegant and keen to learn. She is showing signs of being a cracking detective and has taken something of a shine to her DI, Mr Stark.

DI Lee Mole -

Is a constant thorn in DI Stark's side. He runs a team of detectives across town. He undermines Stark at any opportunity. He is basically rotten and self serving, prepared even to hide evidence to embarrass Stark. Mole is a liar and corrupt; an excuse of a detective, who looks like he is wearing his big brothers suit jacket.

Of course the characters change and develop in each book, but I hope this gives you a taste of what makes them tick.

They are a disparate bunch!

Veteran Nottingham detective Keith Wright’s crime thriller:

‘MURDER ME TOMORROW’ was released on 1st October 2020. The same week my fourth crime thriller ‘Fair Means Or Foul’ was awarded ‘Distinguished Favorite’ in the prestigious New York City Big Book Awards 2020.

Available on Amazon, priced at £2.99, (paperback £7.99) as well as Kobo, Apple books, Barnes and Noble and all leading e book sites.

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