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Writing crime - update.

Hi everyone.

I hope you are all well and enjoying, or enjoyed 'Death By Decree', the latest in the Inspector Stark series. It's brutal, but I like to keep it real. I also hope it is thought-provoking, entertaining, funny in parts, and full of suspense. I have been amazed by the reviews. Not all make it to the Amazon page particularly when reviewers and bloggers offer their view for their own page. So here is a brief selection:

'A true thriller and one that is intriguing and will grip you to your core. If you are a fan of thriller novels, this is the book that you particularly need to read because I can assure you that you will certainly be entertained and shaken after reading it.'

'The story is thrilling, dramatic and beautifully written. There's a steady inescapability of emotional turmoil hidden in these stories that will stay with me for a long time.'

'An astounding crime close to perfection as a crime thriller can get.'

It is such a humbling yet thrilling boost to me when I get such amazing reviews. If you enjoyed reading any of my books please take a few seconds to review it or merely give a star rating without a review on Amazon. Reviews make such a difference to writers.

I hope you will be pleased to hear that I am well into the seventh crime book in the series. All the novels can be read as stand alone books in their own right. So you can read them in any order.

So about the seventh book...what teasers can I give you?

Have you ever been with a man who just isn't what you thought he was? And then when it is time to go your separate ways, they find it much harder than you to do so?

Yes, me too. Not a man, but, a woman, as it happens.

What if the person had some hidden element of their personality which once endeared you, but now terrifies you?

What if they just won't go? Call the police? Mmm.

What if the man switches to another, and another, once his love is no longer around? he's such a personable, vulnerable chap.

Imagine looking out your window and seeing...'The Creep Outside.' @copyright Keith Wright March2022.

That's all for now folks, I am loving writing this book and I can't wait to get it out to you. I don't want to give a tight deadline but I am on it pretty much full-time - I hope to have news within the next three months. Fingers crosssed.

Thank you again for your terrific support, which means a lot to me.

Take it easy,


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