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Coronavirus - 2020 Vision. The road to Freedom Day

Keith's stunning diary - written in 3 parts - documents the historic events of the Coronavirus Pandemic, from the first cases reaching Europe to Freedom Day, when restrictions were lifted in the UK. Moving, hopeful and sometimes frightening, but always with a view to documenting the humanity behind the crisis, the diary records Keith's personal and family responses alongside facts and figures, world events and breaking stories.

It is out now, with free samples to peruse here. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

The Winner Is...

Murder Me Tomorrow!

We are proud to announce that Murder Me Tomorrow has scooped the prestigious 2021 Independent Press Award for Crime Fiction!

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One Oblique One by Keith Wright
Book One of the Inspector Stark series.
Available now. Click here to read on Amazon paperbackKindle and Kindle Unlimited.

It is the summer of 1987.

It is three years away from the world-wide web being inaugurated. It is ten years before the first accessible mobile phone, and a whole twenty years before the first iPhone is launched. 'It's a Sin' by the Pet Shop Boys is number one in the charts, available on cassette and vinyl. The sun is rising on political correctness; news of this has yet to reach the detectives of Nottingham C.I.D. Racist words are still used without challenge. AIDs is rife. Hugging is for hippies, and the author of this book has recently been appointed a Detective in the C.I.D. Of course, some things were the same as today; people still get bludgeoned to death in their own homes. Same as it ever was. You just can't tweet about it yet.

Detective Inspector Stark and his team of detectives investigate the brutal murder of the Marriott family, discovered in their own homes. The murderer? It could be foppish Charles Lyon, wealthy but pathetic sugar daddy, or Winston Kelly, notorious Rastafarian drug-dealer with psychotic tendencies, or the burglar, who is seen at the location at the time of the offence, or... or... Stark and his team wrestle with getting to the truth, which remains just outside of their grasp, until they obtain a clue from an unlikely source, but by then, it is too late...
Read the first three chapters for free here, or find the entire novel on Amazon Paperback or Kindle.

Also Out Now: Trace and Eliminate, Addressed to Kill, Fair Means or Foul and Murder Me Tomorrow, also of the Inspector Stark series and Keith's short story collection - Killing Dad and Other Crime Stories.

Reviews of One Oblique One:

'A most promising debut.' Marcel Berlins, The Times.

'It's a good yarn with a very well-crafted plot.' Jill Iliff, Sunday Express.

'A very interesting cast of well-observed characters, many of them pleasingly quirky, and depicts them with unsentimental compassion. I look forward to reading his next book.' James Melville, Hampstead and Highgate Express.

‘The writing is very reminiscent of Raymond Chandler. Wright pulls no punches. If you love a good mystery, Noir, or a gritty detective novel, then you, like me, should love this.’ -  The Book Dragon’ (Awarded 5 flames) Aug 2019


‘ from being mindful that some scenes will feel very real, I can only recommend that you explore this author’s work. The pace is good, the plot is realistically layered, procedure is followed, the motive as we discover later on is very probable, and the characters grow on you as you read. Highly recommended reading!’ - Alice De Sturler. USA. 2019. Defrostingcoldcases.com


Fair Means or Foul by Keith Wright

The man sitting at the wheel of the car was 100 yards from his moment of destiny. He was oblivious to it, of course. Murderers don't necessarily realise they are killers until a few seconds before it happens. Murderers are sometimes just like you and me. He would never have dreamed that such a thing might happen. Ridiculous. If anyone had told him that today was the day he would turn into a killer, he would have looked at them quizzically; questioning their sanity; instead of his own.

The murder investigation into the death of a young girl at Nottingham's Goose Fair throws up several suspects, close to home and further away. The stream of inquiries spirals into a climax, and suddenly another young life hangs in the balance. 

Detective Inspector Stark and his team prepare to do anything to stop further bloodshed. They are willing to use any means necessary, whether it be fair means or foul.

In his fourth crime thriller, critically acclaimed author, Keith Wright, once again regales the stark reality of murder, derived from his hands-on experience as a CID detective sergeant working in an inner-city area.

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Reviews for Fair Means or Foul

Winner of the "Distinguished Favorite Award" at the NYC Big Book Awards.

‘The latest of the increasingly impressive series – solidly bedded in the realism of inner-city life.’ -The Scotsman


‘A gripping tale of murder.’ Alwyn Graham Bolton Evening News.


‘Tightly written, with a cracking plot and grittier than a road-digger’s wellies.’ Yorkshire Post